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cellogicaMy Experience..

Though I was in my mid 30s, but due to development of prominent aging signs, I looked much older than my actual age. I wanted something to hide away my fine lines and wrinkles before letting the situation slip from my hands like sand. So I started fishing shelves at retail stores and also discussed the issue with my several friends. All came up with a new solution. It was getting hard to settle down in a particular one, but I had to select anyone. After a great research and going through a number of reviews, I finally make my mind to try Cellogica day and night creams. It gets familiar with it have a look…

Cellogica Detailed Review

It is a set of day and night cream which is developed for those ladies who are seeking a natural and advanced solution for anti aging skin. It is developed by harnessing the stem cell technology, which allows the skin cell to regenerate while preventing the existing from breaking down. Cellogica is an effective solution which evades multiple signs of aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness along with making the skin radiant and smooth. It repairs the skin surface and gives a even tone to it. When applied to the skin, it forms a protective shield around the skin, which protects it from damaging UV rays and fights against chronological aging.

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Ingredients Used

This advanced formula is based on the stem cell technology. It is made of very powerful stem cell extracts derived from Alpine Rose (Rhododendron Ferrugineum and Rare Swill Apple (Malus Domestica). Along with it, Cellogica creams are fortified with a proprietary MAC-5 Complex This complex is a mixture of 5 powerful anti-aging ingredients that include Kojic acid, Syn-AKE, Syn-Coll, Hyaluronic acid and Ronaflair LDP.

How Does Cellogica Work?

  • It improves the cell renewal capacity of the skin cells while preserving the vitality of skin stem cells and acting as a protective barrier against environmental stresses.
  • The stem cell extracts boost the power of regeneration of skin cells and eliminates the chances of further aging.
  • The Rona-Flair results in diffused light distribution, resulting in virtually invisible fine lines.
  • Cellogica’s night cream delivers positive results by locking in the moisture and repairing of damaged skin texture.
  • It replenishes the skin with an increased level of hyaluronic acid, which is considered to be important in maintaining elasticity of the skin.
  • It revives the collagen level by boosting its synthesis, this helps in maintenance of tightness of the skin.

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Is Cellogica Effective?

To make you believe in the effectiveness of this cream, I have collected reveal statistics found during my research:

  • All of its users have reported noticeable reduction in wrinkles on continuous usage.
  • It has been observed that the efficiency of stem cells to form colonies increases up to 92%
  • It leads to an average reduction of 52% in the depth of wrinkles
  • 92% of volunteers who have tested this cream on their face, reported a significant reduction in the appearance of crows feet and wrinkles

Cellogica Pros

  • Developed employing advanced Stem Cell technology
  • It revitalized the sun damaged skin
  • Provides hydration and protects from getting dry
  • Improves elasticity of the skin
  • Makes the skin firm and rejuvenated
  • Eliminates appearance of blemishes, freckles and blotches
  • Can be applied before makeup

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Cellogica Cons

  • Not suitable for soft skin of immature girls
  • Need to apply daily without missing a single day
  • Has not been certified by FDA

Visible Benefits of Cellogica

This cream was a new to me and I know very little what it will actually cost me. I was just hoping that these creams will hide away the aging signs without letting me face any unpleasant effect. After applying both the creams daily, I observed myself in the mirror and observed that fines lines and wrinkles were fading away. I continued its usage and in a matter of a month my skin regained its youthfulness with a radiant and smooth look.

How to Apply?

Cellogica comes in an easy to apply formula. The steps included are as follows:

  • Apply the day cream in the morning on your thoroughly washed and dry face
  • Apply the night cream everyday just going to sleep
  • Use this pair of creams for continuous 28 days and experience youthfulness in your skin

Where to Buy?

This set of Cellogica creams can be obtained in few clicks only. Go to its official sites and provide the required information. You can avail the benefit of 2 weeks long trial period, which is offered just to allow you to test its suitability for your skin.

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There is nothing wrong in practicing something more if you want to gain pronounced results. Keep your skin hydrated naturally by quenching your thirst with lots of water. Get into the habit of feeding on healthy diet rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C. Also apply good quality makeup products over your skin.

Doctor’s Recommendation

A majority of dermatologists supports the usage of Cellogica day and night cream. Being formulated employing latest stem cell technology, this cream has won the trust of many skin care experts across the world.

Problems Reported of Cellogica

I have never felt cheated while using this pack of Cellogica creams. It is absolutely safe for my sensitive skin and have become a good friend of mine. Being natural it offers only pleasurable results and suitable to use over every type of skin.

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